Tuesday, 19 August 2008

One more dream coming true

Yes, I am going to Switzerland tommorrow. Can't believe it still.
Hopefully will have a couple of blog worth of material on my return.

Signing off with my answers to Questionnaire. I got this as a Tag from a (new) friend of mine. I get to tag 3 more people at the end of this. I am going to tag only one though :)

Where is your cell phone? In my pocket!
Your hair? Growing Thin
Your favorite thing? Movies/Music
One thing you hate Boredom
Your dream last night? Tomorrows Swiss trip
Your favorite drink? Filter Coffee
What you’re not? Focused
Where you grew up? India
The last thing you did? Corrected spelling of my blog
What are you wearing? Business Casual
Your mood? Excited
Missing someone? Home
Something you’re not wearing? Cant think of anything
Favorite store? I give up ( after a long search )
Like someone? Hmmmmm
Your favorite color? Dont have one !
One word you overuse - Yeah
Wrap gifts? or Gift Bags? - Wrap

I tag : Krupa

1 comment:

Krupa said...


you blogs are really good.

I have added you to my list also , so others visitng my blogs, will visit your too...