Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rasarushi Kuvempu

Rasarushi Kuvempu is a biopic , releasing sometime soon.

I think it has been overdue for a long time and was surprised why no movie on Kuvempu's early life and his inspiration and motivation was ever made till this date. Anyways , was very pleased when I got to know this, during my usual search for new music releases.

Kuvempu is considered one of the greatest poets of 20th century Kannada literature. He was much more than a writer.

I never had the inclination or awareness to understand Kuvempu , neither read any of his works. My source of knowledge on this great writer and human being , have been through his songs. I have always liked the passion in the words of songs like " O nanna chetana , agu nee aniketana " or " Baa illi sambhavisu indenna hrudayadali nityavu avataripa satyaavataara " and one of my all time favourites " Tanuvu ninnadu manava ninnadu ".

I hope everyone watches this movie and will inspire people to read more about Kuvempu. In this day and age where local culture and its richness is slowly eroding , it is important to refresh the rich heritage left behind by such great thinkers like Kuvempu.

Ending the post with analysis of one of his works composed to a brilliant song by Mysore Anantaswamy , gives a hint of Kuvempu's greatness.

Baa Illi Sambhavisu - Analysis

Baa illi sambhavisu indhenna hrudayadhali nithyavoo avatharipa sathyaavathara
mannaagi maravaagi migavaagi khagavaagi bhavavadhi bavisihe bhavavidhoora

The poet says God is in different forms of nature on this earth. Soil, beasts, birds, trees etc. And is inviting God to take the form of his inner soul.

manthanake marathanake migathanake khagathanake
munnadege kannadha guruve baara
koodi bandhenna nara roopa chethanadhi
naarayanathvakke daari thora

This could be seen in two dimensions. He is talking about the evolution. First came soil, then animals etc., and finally human beings. Now I am in the final stage as a human being. Take the form of my inner soul and show me the
route to salvation.
Another way of looking at it is, "maNthana, marathana" etc., being the qualities of human being. "maNthana" - down to earth, swanthike etc., "marathana" - growing big and guiding others, "migathana" - cruel, the bad side of us, "khagathana" - being free etc., With all these qualities, we are formed. Show me the right qualities to be retained and those to get rid off to reach my final destination - salvation (narayaNathva)

andhu aramaneyalli matthe seremaneyalli
alli thurupattiyalli illi kirugudisilali
desaha deshadhi vesha veshantharavanaanthu
vishwa saarathiyaagi leela rathavanenthu
chodhisiruveyo anthe srusti lola

The poets gives examples of different forms of God who is driving this entire world. Andhu aramaneyalli - Lord Rama, matthe seremaneyalli - Lord Krishna, alli thurupatti - Lord Jesus, illi kirugudisalali - Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. In these forms, you drove the entire world. And just like you did that, drive me towards salvation.