Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Marali Mannige ( back to home )

Yes , I am heading back home after a year and half being in London. Although I have been visiting home every year , this time its special. Special for one reason and one reason only , I have made up my mind to return for good.

Since the time I took the decision to return back for good , I keep dreaming about home , making plans for what all I want to do when I get back , what all I want my son to learn etc etc.

Its strange that we need to be far away from the most important parts of our lives to realise how much we miss them. This tendency of taking for granted all the things that are very important and what defines us as a person has been baffling me for long. But I am happy I did this stint outside , as I have realised how and why I have always been a proud Indian.

India , here I come :)