Thursday, 17 July 2008

Why I love beeb ( BBC )

Since my first visit to london , I have been a big fan of BBC documentaries. They have been providing me with wealth of information , in addition to teaching me accents , mannerisms etc.

This week I watched one more of those, this one to do with Farming best practices, innovations, great ideas etc. The program itself couldnt have come at right time, what with world facing food shortage etc.

It starts with this guy giving up his job in the city and taking up farming. He goes to East of England in search of farming heroes.
I was particularly impressed with the combine farming equipments used in corn farms. Those magnificent , mammoth machines that cut , separate corn out in one go and providing wealth of data about which part of farm needs more manure , which parts yield is more etc etc.
The second most impressive part was the brilliant idea of utilising co2 coming out of sugar factory being diverted to a tomato vineyar. A mammmoth glass house gives the required heat and co2 is fed from these pipes to yield great tomatoes.

I made me think about taking up farming myself genuinely. A brilliant documentary to say the least, Thank You Beeb.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Cinema Cinema

I dont remember when , where and how I got addicted to movies. I sometimes feel scared about my addiction .. as I regularly keep scouting for any trivia , review about movies in general.

I will always be idebted to this fantastic medium that tought me and is still teaching me so many things about life in general. Starting with showing me some of the spectacular locales that is out there , languages , accents, mannerisms , fashion sense , values in life etc etc. I believe this is a very powerful medium and should be used properly.

Some of my favourites till date have been Nayagan, The shining , Braveheart , Beladingala Baale, Iruvar, 1947 Earth , Dil Chahta Hai to name a very few.