Thursday, 11 September 2008

Rafi Resurructed

I have been a listening to Rafi's melodious voice since I don't know when. I definitely remember falling in love with his mellifluous voice from day one.
I have loved his romantic numbers , sad songs and I love them to this date. The emotion that he managed to bring in to those liltful lyrics was out of the world. To name a few of my favourites

Ahesaan tera ho - Junglee
Choudvin ka Chaand Ho -
Pukaarta chala hoon mein -
Dil ke Jharoke mein - Brahmachaari
Woh jab yaad aaye -
Ae watan Ae watan - Shaheed
Jahan dal dal par sone ki - Sikander-e-azam

I am controlling myself not to type in 100 more songs in that list, but I think I make my point very clear. His patriotic songs are one of the best and every time I listen to them my eyes go moist.

So when I heard about a "never to be attempted again" album called "Rafi resurrected" , I jumped with joy. This is a unique experiment , first of its kind that I am sure will be a trend setter.
Sonu Nigam, worthy enough to carry forward Rafi's mantle, teams up with Birmingham’s world-renowned orchestra, to perform 18 legendary hits. The songs selected are good and orchestra quality is great. Sonu's voice brilliantly brings out the emotion of the original. Only thing missing is the percussion ( tabla's and dholak's ) from the original , but hats off to whoever conceived this idea.

Thank You.