Sunday, 3 January 2010

C Ashwath

One of the doyens of that unique and special flavour of music Bhavageete , C Ashwath , is no more.

I have always loved Bhavageete in kannada, since good old doordarshan days. There used to be music videos , like this one,
simple ones with meaningful melodious bhavageete as the background captivated me and boosted my interest in all forms of music.

C Aswath along with Mysore Anantswamy were my favourites. The music is always simple with emphasis on the lyrics and Bhaava. All those brilliant words and feeling in them were brought to life effortlessly by these two.

I was proud that in this age of western musicians ( all credit to them ) hogging all limelight with one after another concerts in Palace Grounds, Bangalore.. one of the biggest concerts was "Kannadave Satya" , an evening of Bhavageete , organised by C Ashwat.

I hope artists like Ratnamala Prakash, B R Chaya , Pallavi Dattu keep the flame alive of this beautiful , unique form of music.

For me atleast it is end of an era.