Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dhobi Ghat ( Mumbai Diaries )

I was very lucky to watch the screening of Dhobi Ghat at the ongoing London Film Festival.

Dhobi Ghat is Kiran Rao's directorial debut , produced by Aamir Khan. Film stars Pratiek ( Smitha Patil's son ) as one of the leads along with Aamir Khan.

The story is quite simple , but the treatment is fresh and what impressed me the most is the texture of the movie and effective usage of various mediums like Photography , handycam footage and most beautiful of them all monsoon in Mumbai. These form integral part of the movie and help take the narrative forward.

Its a brilliant and well thought out movie and well shot with attention to detail. Acting is top notch and Pratiek is the star of the movie. He is very natural and I think has got a very good future. Aamir Khan is very good as usual. Amongst the two leading ladies I liked the Yasmin character. She has a great voice ( hope she has dubbed her voice herself ) and expressive eyes.
Shai is modern and chirpy and has done well in the character of an oustsider in the city.

Kiran Rao knows her stuff and the Q&A after the screening ( my first ) was very good in that , Kiran came out very clearly on the thought process behind the movie. I am sure she will be the filmmaker to watchout in the future.

Thank You Kiran. I really enjoyed watching Dhobi Ghat.