Friday, 15 August 2008

Abhinav Abhinandan

I have no words to explain my emotion while watching Abhinav collecting his Gold medal. The best part for me came when after all the medals were handed out , came the moment of flag raising and then National Anthem rendition. My eyes swelled with pride.

I have been a big sports fan since my childhood and have been following Olympics for a long time. Medal award ceremony and subsequent Flag raising and National Anthem renditions have always been my favourites. I believe that moment is the pinacle for every sportsperson. I was always wishing one day I will get to listen Indian National Anthem. So I grabbed the opportunity immediately ( with the help of YouTube ofcourse ) to watch that moment.

Thank You Abhinav for giving that moment of celebration for us Indians. What struck me most is the calm and composure nature of Abhinav. I am sure there would have been millions of emotions running through him, but he was taking it all in and not showing much outside. The chinese guy next to him was crying his heart out, while Abhinav was dignity personified.

Unfortunately for us, all this hype and hooplah will last for another week or more. Abhinav will be felicitated and re felicitated by all and sundry. And then we will all forget about it pretty soon. I do not know what more our athletes need to do to get constant , unbriddled support. I am hoping against hope that Abhinav's victory does not go waste.

Abinandan Abhinav,
Jai Hind

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