Saturday, 9 August 2008


It is that time of the year.All websites will be full of articles about progress made by India in various fields, problems that still exist etc etc.

Yes , its Independence day. August 15th for us expats will come and go like another day. Some of us will remember it, some dont.

For me, this day starts with choosing a patriotic wallpaper, then listening to some deshbhakthi geets, wishing all my colleagues and then carrying on with work as usual.
I always feel I should do more than just the above, but do not exactly know what to do. I am sure a lot of us will be going through the same feeling , where we want to do something for the country.

I still remember excitement with which we use to look forward for this day during school days. A month before rehearsals would start for the Swantrata Diwas parade.
On the day itself , I would wakeup early in the morning, ware the special decorative accessories required for the parade and rush to school. The parade itself was great fun , what with competitions going on between schools and everybody trying to win the coveted prize (the rolling sheild for the school and couple of chocolates for us). It was no less than a big festival. I miss those days very badly.

This time atleast I will try to do a bit more than usual things. May be we will all get together , sing the national anthem and salute the motherland. Yes I think I will try to do that atleast.

Jai Hind

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raghavendra said...

hey anna...
hope u did what ui had planned to do for the independence day!!!yeah..seriously..we should do something more for our motherland...i also am trying to figure out what i could do to my India....where to start and what to start is the big question for me!!!hope i vl figure out something very soon:o))think may be joining an ngo...or being a part of community service...somethings like these may be the begining!!!