Sunday, 31 August 2008

flugafens, bahnofs and die posts

That will be the Swiss version of the title for the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles :)

Yes Flugafen is swiss for Airport, Bahnof is swiss for Railway station and Die Post is the bus stop. These were the first things to strike me when I entered Switzerland. Immigration control at the airport was the shortest I have ever experienced. Railway network is superb to say the least. Punctual and well connected , though a bit expensive.

Five days were not sufficient is what I felt after the tour ended. We visited the typical tourist attractions and each of them exceeded our expectations. The landscape , natural beauty is bountiful. The number of pictures I have clicked of the same place is a proof of the beauty of the place. No matter how much I convinced myself that I have taken sufficient pictures of a place , I couldnt stop myself from jumping out of the seat and taking a couple more.

Other thing I liked about the place was the eagerness of the residents to help out in case you are lost and searching for information. You just have to look confused , to get people helping you out. No need to ask even. They want to make sure one enjoys the stay as much as possible.

I would recommend a visit to swiss as a must in one's lifetime.

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