Wednesday, 7 July 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

I got the opportunity to watch "To Kill A Mockingbird" recently. Movie is an adaptation of American author Harper Lee's novel of the same name. Its simply remarkable and remarkably simple story and movie.

The story is very simple story but with a lot of life changing thoughts especially on prejudices that one might have on certain aspects of life and how these affect a individual, family , community and entire humanity as a whole.

Even though the story is based in 1930's USA , in the southern region , I think it is still relevant in this day.

Gregory Peck is absolutely brilliant as the morally upright Atticus Finch. Its his children and their friend who are more endearing , more so since the story unfolds from the perspective of Finch's daughter Scout.

I dont think there is anything for me to say , more than it has already been said all these years on this masterclass of a movie. I cannot wait to own the book and DVD , as I am sure it is going to be one for the collection that will pass down to the next generation.

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