Sunday, 6 June 2010


I took my time in posting my review of Raavan(a) [ bi-lingual ] album by A R Rahman.

Expectations were obviously sky high , what with the never failing combination of Mani Ratnam and Rahman , and with lyrics by Gulzar.

After careful and repeated listening , I can now say the album has lived upto its expectations.

Starting with Beera , as that is the first one I took to immediate liking.. is a rousing intro song of the hero. The beats are real good .. with a heady mix of African rythm thrown in. Its a short but high impact song.

Ranjha Ranjha , is the next best song in the album. Rekha bharadwaj is unrecognisable because of the high pitch nature of the song. Structure is complicated , but all credit to Rahman for making this work.

Behene de starts of with oriental piece and is powerfully backed up by Karthik's vocals. Needs atleast couple of hearing to get to grips with the changin flow of the song. Its worth the patience though.

Thok de killi and Khata Khata are fast paced numbers , but situational. Hopefully , if retained in the movie , they should be good to watch on screen.

Khili re , is good for Reena Bhardwaj's soothing voice.

All in all , a album worth the hype. I believe credit should go to ManiRatnam. People say Rahman reserves the best for Mani , but I think that is because Mani Ratnam has a very good ear for music and understands Rahman completely.

From the trailers the locales and picturisation looks awesome.

Can't wait for the movie.

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