Monday, 19 January 2009


I bumped into this term when scouting for release dates of Dilli 6 soundtrack. I must admit , it aptly describes my adulation for A R Rahman. 

It has been a slow transition from Rahman fan to a Rahmaniac. I must admit , I got hooked onto his music the day I heard Roja songs. The songs came like a breath of fresh air , complemented by Maniratnam's picturisation of the songs. From that day onwards , I am constantly on the lookout for new releases , reviews, award citations, rare interviews .. anything and everything to do with Rahman in a nutshell.

2008 has been a stupendous year for the Maestro ( Mozart from Madras ). With diverse tracks like Jodha Akbar , Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na , Yuvraaj , Ghajini to name a few. To cap it all Golden Globe for Slumdog Millionaire , could not have been more appropriate. He is going to be musical force for a long time to come not just in India anymore. My best wishes to this humble, shy genius :) ( You should see his acceptance speech in Golden Globe )

Coming to Dilli 6, what a soundtrack. He has got every genre possible into one soundtrack.. with pure classical Hindustani to Rap, lounge, kawwali thrown in as well. Just cant stop listening to the songs since friday. 

My favorite at the moment is "Arziyaan", a kawwali number. Its so addictive that I am running it in a loop since morning today. A uplifting number with meaningful lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. Superb!.

Next up is " Rehna Tu " , by Maestro himself. Tough song and takes time to grow .. but once in you are hooked on. Guitar strings in the interlude takes you to a different world altogether. Way to go Rahman, Way to go.

Then comes " Dil Gira Dafatan ".. highly romantic song sung by Brit Asian singer Ash King. Pukka romantic number , completely western.. good singing and subtle music with you blink she's gone presence from Chinmayee. A perfect song for a romantic soul.

"Masakalli " by Mohit Chouhan is another song that is catchy , with fab lyrics. Song is on air and already topping the charts.

With Rakeysh Om Prakash at the helm , I am sure most of the songs are going to be in the background. Hope couple of them do get to grace big screen with some stunning Delhi backdrop and some in NY. 

Go grab the CD now. Best way to start 2009 and You cant get a soundtrack that is so diverse and fantastic , for some time to come.

Thanks Rahman. Proud to be a Rahmaniac.

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Sneha said...

Yes, knowing you, I'd definitely call you a Rahmaniac as well :-)