Friday, 2 January 2009

Oye Lucky and raise of independent cinema in Bollywood

By now lot of film critics have written a lot of stuff praising "Oye Lucky Lucky Oye". Its the latest offering by Dibakar Banerjee , maker of Khosal Ka Ghosla. A brilliant cinema , funny , dark and a great watch. All the actors are top notch, very natural. Its 

Last 2 years has seen a spate of such movies , brilliant ones , portraying the true India. A lot of them are equally entertaining as well, proving that entertainment and meaning can go hand in hand. It is very heartning that such movies are finding backers both in terms of producers and audiences , as more and more cinemagoers are dissulusioned with the escapist kind of movies. I am not saying we should not be making big budget , blockbusters , but just that we should equally support independent cinema. I am a firm believer that Cinema is a powerful medium and it should not just be used to show us unreal , escapist stuff .. but also true india in its raw form.

Also these cinemas bring to light so much of talent that is out there, as most of the the actors are from theatre background and very natural. We get to watch Deebak Dhobriyal in Omkaara, Abhay Deol in Manorama Six Feet Under , Rajeev Khadelwal in Aamir to name a few. Even technicians have been introduced in abundance. One name that comes to my mind is Aamir's music director Amit Trivedi. All in all , these cinema's are what is keeping legacy of Satyajit ray, Hrishikesh Mukherjee alive.

My list so far includes 

  •  Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
  •  Black Friday
  •  Omkaara
  •  Khosla Ka Ghosla
  •  Manorama Six Feet Under
  •  Aamir
  •  A Wednesday
  •  Ek chalis ki Last Local
  •  Bheja Fry
  •  Blue Umbrella
  •  Yun Hota to Kya Hota
  •  Evano Oruvan (Tamil) ( Dombivili Fast in Marathi )

On my to do list I have
  •   Maqbool
  •   Dasvidaniya
  •   Tahaan
  •   Mumbai Meri Jaan

  Thanks to Vishal ( bharadwaj ) , Dibakar, Navdeep , Anurag Kashyap , Nishikanth Kamath's of hindi cinema .. that we can keep our head high when people complain about Bollywood movies being just escapist and not good.

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