Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Wednesday - A review

Its not a coincidence that I have chosen today to review a movie that I watched recently.
Name of the movie is "A Wednesday". Theme is fight against terrorism. But more importantly the means adopted to counter terrorism would have saddened Mahatma Gandhi. May be not , looking at spate of recent bombings across India, Gandhi might have been a bit sympathetic towards the means portrayed. Hypothetical , but very relevant discussion I guess.

Coming to the movie , the plot is unique, well executed and very relevant. I was both shocked and satisfied by the climax. Its totally unexpected. I am not going to reveal the climax and spoil the fun.

Anupam Kher as the police commissioner of Mumbai , is the ideal police commissioner that every city would want to have. He is quick to respond, level headed, knows what he wants to do and is in total control. How I wish we had such courageous , intelligent and passionate cops around us.
Naseeruddin shah fits the role perfectly. Watch him in the climax when you realise what he is upto and his exchanges with Anupam kher. Hats off Naseer.

All in all a brilliant movie and thought provoking storyline.

Please do yourselves a favour and watch "A Wednesday".

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