Friday, 23 May 2008

How to name it

my first blog and what a day to start.. my birthday.

My blog name comes from my schooldays nickname ( I hated it then ) ... but I was called narada those days. May be because I was the local aakashvani , and was famous in adding spice to a news before spreading it.

As the title aptly says it , I am wondering where to start. Listening to Jaane tu ya Jaane na song , looking forward to bank holiday weekend.

Listening to kabhi kabhi aditi song from JTYJN , I think Rahman could have got Sonu Nigam to sing it. Rashid Ali is alrite but somehow I dont like his voice that much.


Sneha said...

Hey KP! Completely agree with you - Sonu Nigam should have sung it all the way! :-)

raghavendra said...

hello anna...cooool...u have a blogspot!!!though blogging is something i have never done in my life till now...but as i started chatting online for the first time in my life with you when you were in hongkong...this also am starting with your blogspot!!!i love this:o)))
please do help me increase my gyaan about bloggin:o)))
i liked rashid's voice...its different:o))(like javed jaffery says in that bombaat ad of tomato sauce)