Friday, 3 June 2011

4th Block complex

There may be many 4th blocks in Bangalore and many many more complexes ( BDA shopping complex ) , but when anyone mentions "4th Block Complex" it has only one meaning and location.Yup , its Jayanagar 4th Block.

Jayanagar 4th Block has been and will be my favourite "nagar" in Bangalore. This is the first locality I lived in when I came to Bangalore first, about 13years ago. I fell in love instantly , especially for the buzz around 4th block complex.

4th block complex is a old complex housing innumerable stores , market , eateries , hawkers to name a few. Its always buzzing with activity. You can get anything you need or want here.

Recently I took my son to this place and I hope it has made an impression on his young mind already. I believe this complex to be a miniature India of some sorts and I love the feeling of comfort and familiarity I get everytime I step in or pass by this place.

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